June Tech Wednesday

Wednesday 15th June from 5.30pm at iCentrum, Innovation Birmingham. Register via meetup -


5.30 - 6.00pm - Registration and networking

6.00 - 7.00pm - Talks (see details of speakers below)

7.00 - 8.30pm - Networking with pizza and beer


Tanya Mathew & Dan Packwood, PwC

Startup Journey

Startup Journey is a free online content platform helping startups grow their business. Still in it’s early stages, Tanya & Dan will explain why they have developed it and how it can help your startup. Take a look at their beta site


Matthew de Noronha, Marketing Manager at Toyboy Warehouse, Freelance Videographer

How to make a professional start-up video (all without any experience or a budget)

We demand more information yet we are living in a time-poor society. Video has become an essential way of getting across your business’ message. There’s no better format to tell your story quickly and effectively.
Working in video production, I’ve learnt how getting across your message in a professional yet cost-effective way can be the hardest challenge. With just a little know-how (and a few insider secrets) you can avoid hiring expensive video production companies. Without any experience or little to no budget you can produce a start-up video to revolutionise your business.

Ben Simpson, Co-Founder at Fixers Travel

Ben will explain why they ran #BeyondSahara, the lessons they learned from it and why they’re doing it again in February.



Sounds interesting but one thing surprised me: I find videos really slow. This may be because I’m usually looking for ‘a 1-liner’ and end up watching 3 x 5 minute videos to find what I’m looking for. I think they are probably far more persuasive but speed doesn’t seem a key advantage. It’s too hard to skip to the page you want :slight_smile:

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