Joining Birmingham IO as a Potato Entrepreneur!

Hello All,

An accidental Entrepreneur and heard about Birmingham IO, sounded like a good place to talk to talent, discuss ideas, share ideas, share experiences, teach people and discover new ideas.

Recently started my 2nd business:

What else do I say on here?

Adrian Nantchev

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Welcome to the community @PotatoInThePost, happy to have you here.

That’s an interesting service you’ve got there, I’m wondering if there is a fun story behind it?

Greetings. Mad idea. Great fun. Although I prefer carrots myself :frowning:

Funny you should mention that, is just days away from launch :wink:

Amazingly there is an existing service that also delivers to the uk According to the YouTube video I saw that guy is doing $10,000/month sending potatoes :confounded:

I was going to add that I was going to set up and undercut everyone in the market only to find that it’s already registered. Then I thought of only to find it registered and already doing the SAME THING! Additionally they also offer to send limes, frisbees, flip flops, beachballs and bricks. Yes. Bricks! This is clearly a very competitive market ripe for disruption!!

“Spud-U-Lite” for mobiles?

Clearly we need a price comparison app

My OCD is triggered by this, from the FAQ:

Potato In The Post bares no responsibility

If one reveals ones responsibility, rather than carries it, then that would be fine… :blush:

Incidentally, is it really not recommended to eat a parcelled potato? Fifty minutes in the oven would rather guarantee it was safe, I’d imagine!

I was wondering about the ink used to write on the spud - is that potentially toxic?

I guess they’re just covering themselves.

Was Spud-2U-Like already registered? If not, I’d like to change my last answer :smile:

I’m considering mailing a potato to myself and then cooking it. I’ll feel like I’ve cheated death!

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