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Hi guys,

As a few of you know I’ve been working on a recruitment platform for the last few months. I’ve been making progress but I’m realising how huge a project it is and I won’t even be able to validate my concept for quite some time and with all the talk of MVPs in the past week and after reading this and this I’ve decided I need to scale back my plan and validate my concept before I plough any more hours into anything.

So as a spin off (to what is still my end-goal) to my recruitment platform I am hoping to build a job application tracker. It will be targeted at Tech Contractors who if your anything like me are always plagued with emails from recruiters asking if your interested in X role. The system will be really simple. You create an account and set your preferences (I.e. Unavailable until March 30th). Then whenever you receive an email from a recruiter you can forward it to and if your unavailable the recruiter will get an customised email advising them of your availability. If you are available the job will be added to your application tracker and you can then progress it along a timeline as you apply, schedule interviews and so on. It will also set up reminders to prompt you to follow up on applications you haven’t heard back from and you will be able to sync recruiters and events to your google calendar and contacts.

I hope I’ve explained it well, I’ve created a website to validate the idea at and would love it if you could check it out and let me know:

  1. Is it obvious what Smart Apply does from the copy on the site?
  2. Would the Smart Apply service be beneficial to you and would you consider paying for it?
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One small bit of feedback:

I’m guessing that “Email autoresponder”, “Sync to phone”, and “Add by forwarding email” are not available on the free plan as they appear to be struck out (likewise with “Add by forwarding email” on the standard plan) - but I had to look very closely to notice this.

You might want to redesign the comparison tables to make this more obvious.

It’s a little hard to answer that question, seeing as you’ve already told me what it does. You’re better asking this question of people that have no prior knowledge of the system.

No, but I’m happily employed - and should that change, I’d be aiming to avoid recruiters together.

Looks nice, quick thing again this is something that ive picked up from some other startups are you tracking the clicks on the sign up? might give you a great idea on what people are looking to pay. Hook them up to GA and track the events.
just a suggestion

My question is around your business model.

Is revenue best gained from the end user, or from third parties able to target those who are looking for work more effectively?

If it’s the latter, and you can support the former, is leaving the charging options completely off the table and aim for maximum audience a better long term strategy?

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@LimeBlast thanks for your feedback. Ye I definitely agree with your comments about the styling it looked a lot different on my machine and the strikethrough was more obvious. I’ll tweak that this evening.

@dnewns thanks for the advice, ye I haven’t added GA to it yet but I think I’ll probably do that tonight too. It does add the plan they’ve selected when they subscribe thou so I can see if they want free, standard or premium but only for users who complete the subscription.

@Steve_Pitchford I agree and long-term that is the route I want to go down. The business model around my whole idea is centered around offering great free tools to candidates and then selling access to candidates to potential employers. Initially running it as a subscription model as a way of starting to generate revenue and validating my assumption that candidates do want and will sign up to a platform like this.

Great and same with me. Have you fully validated your idea? Got users interested? I’m looking forward on seeing your startup grow.

@SylarRuby not yet, that’s what I’ve build the homepage for. I’ve been passing the link around to a few contractors I know and trying to get the word out. I’ve got a £75 GoogleAds and £50 Bing vouchers which I’m going to pay for some ads with too.

Then I’ll just see if I get anyone signs up and if they are did which package they went for free or premium. From there I can decide if it’s a viable business idea and something people will pay for. I’m going to be making it regardless most likely as it’s something I need personally but if it’s just for me I’ll make it less generic. My long term plan is to build out a full job candidate suite but I figured if I focus on one small bit first I can increase my offering once I’m generating revenue.

I guess we both are using the buffer approach :wink: Don’t forget going to trade shows. Good luck.

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