It's oh so quiet in here lately... and scrum meet on 12 September

(Marc Cooper) #1

I’ve always loved this:

but that’s by the by.

I see the Heart Of England Scrum User Group are having a meeting on 12 Sept entitled A Managers Guide To Working With Self-Managed Teams. I wish there were sane trains back to Ledbury in the eve, because I would love to heckle, er, participate here, because this topic is something I pretend to know something about and sharing knowledge and experiences is always valuable.

As an out of towner, is it possible to park in that area at that time of night?

(Andy Wootton) #2

You can usually park near the back of The Irish Centre, as long as there are no big events on. You’d find on-street parking within walking distance.

(Andy Wootton) #3

btw There’s a ‘Lean Agile Birmingham’ 2 days later on Kanban Essentials.

(Steve Pitchford) #4

Crikey - the Agile stars have aligned over Birmingham that week - on the 13th I’m at BCS Birmingham talking about my experiences of Agile.

(Andy Wootton) #5

That’s either incremental delivery or poor planning, depending on your chosen philosophy.