Is there any call for a git (and other revision control software) meetup?

Prompted by this thread, and the fact I know people (naming no names) who know they should use git, but don’t know how to use it, or how to get started, I wonder if there is any call for a meetup group for it?

For the people who don’t use it, it can be a friendly environment in which they can learn, and ask questions of the other members, and for the people that do use it, it can explore more advanced techniques, and maybe take a look at related technologies, such as continuous integration.

What do you think? Is there enough call for something that would be a regular thing, or is this better suited to something like a crash-course once every 6 months for the people who want to learn?


Totally agree with you. I would like to learn advanced git techniques.

If it is only git then every 6 months but we can definitely add more development tools like learning how to use Console, Build Tools like Gulp.

We could do with a regular event that has talks on a variety of topics, like we did with Multipack a few years ago. Then we could have talks about all these types of topics. BrumJS is often good for talks, but they are focused around Javascript only.


I’m wondering if we need the coder version of Tech Wednesday? I don’t think git alone is enough for a group, but lumping that in with a range of other topics might be just the ticket.

Then again, maybe that’s what Computer Anonymous is going to be, @omarqureshi?

Regarding the teaching of git, specifically, I think a practical, with people coding along, is the way to go.

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Having missed the second session at Agile Staffs due to an unexpected road closure and mystery tour of rural Staffordshire, I don’t know if @paulspencerwilliams managed to ‘nail that Git in two’ but I don’t think there is enough to keep people interested in Git alone. If you mix and match tools then the audience is likely to fluctuate. What about optional 1 hour sessions alongside something chatty for sociable people?

Would be appropriate?

So the general purpose coding meet up is what craftycoders is supposed to be. It’s focused on tools, techniques and craftsmanship regardless of particular language and background. So concepts like TDD and CQRS come up. Git talks would be a good addition to that.

It currently runs in Warwick. However I was intending to run a side by side meetup under the same name in Birmingham. I can easily get a sponsor for this.

What I need is someone to assist and help me to get speakers. I also need to arrange a venue. Would anyone be interested in doing this with me? The meetup is established with over 150 members and the Warwick meetup a are consistently fully booked.

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Interesting, is this supposed to be for a general audience? because it sound like a .NET meetup looking at: and

No. Open Code is very hands off. It’s a study zone where you go to chat and learn and code, without a formal structure - just a wifi connection, a table, and some chairs. (and that’s great).

What I’m suggesting instead is something more formal and planned. I.e. the people going there will be going there for the specific topic of that meet (be it git, or whatever), with someone giving a presentation, and maybe some practical sessions.

The more I think of it, the more I think doing git alone isn’t going to work, but if the scope was increased just enough to cover coding in general, and everything that goes along with it, we might be onto a winner.

It’s run by a .Net guy. I’m also a .Net guy, some of the speakers have been from .Net backgrounds. But no, I stick by my original statement. It’s not a .Net meetup. It’s about craftsmanship so a lot of the workshops will be around TDD. Some of the examples may be in C# or F#. But I did a talk there about Angular once, also talked about front end tooling like Bower.

The Birmingham version it can be it’s own thing really. It’s just sharing the name, membership base and core principles. I just need a volunteer to help me set it up as I’m giving time to a lot other things and need someone to partner with on this.

If the Warwick one feels like it’s learning more towards .Net then it would be good to intentionally lean away from this for the Birmingham one.

Anyone want to put themselves forward to get this started? Also, who is interested on speaking?

Hhmmm… You might be able to tempt me into this. We should meet and discuss it.

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Good lad! I did speak with you about it previously, but I being useless did not follow it up!

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The craftycoders website ( says:

“Principles-focused user group for the West Midlands .Net community”

and so does the twitter account ( The meetup group says:

“Due to the nature of our background the group will be .Net focussed but tool/framework agnostic.”

( To me reading that, I would assume it’s a .Net meetup and therefore not be interested. Also most of the upcoming talks seem to be about .Net. Am I missing something?

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Like I said its due to the background of the founding members. There is plenty to be learned from the .Net community.

The Birmingham edition will not be primarily .Net. But again one of the founders will be from a .Net background.

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@Banford Do you want to meet up after work one day this week? I’m pretty flexible.

I think what @rythie is trying to say is, if the group is aimed at everyone, and not just .NET coders, then it doesn’t give that impression. Sure, there is lots to be learnt from .NET (and all languages), this is simply a case of marketing, and making sure the target audience knows what the score is.

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I might run out of speakers for the Xamarin group (still trying). If it does then maybe we could link up and do something much more general as you suggest.

I have to agree - you start off with git, next stage is to look at continuous integration, then continuous deployment, and unless you have a language ( perl / python / ruby / javascript / java ) underneath it, I’d have thought you run the risk of getting far too abstract too soon.

That said - I’m currently in the formative stages of contamplating a grass roots, birmingham based agile developer conference in early 2016. “Agile Integrity” or similar.

The overarching theme would be to consider Continuous deployment across languages in an agile context over a couple of days.

If anyone wants in on the pain, please let me know…

I do like pain - I’m happy to chat with you about this as I think it’ll be helpful, both for myself, but also for the community. So yes, give me a shout and we’ll see what I can do to help.

I’m available tomorrow night to talk. Maybe Wednesday for a short time after work. Shall I DM you my details?

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