Is Dash worth it?

(Pedro Morales) #1

So I found out about this app called Dash which allows you to get documentation from different sites (MDN, Stack Overflow…) and let’s you check it out offline, but I guess the biggest thing is that it allows you to have it all packed in the same place and search using an easy to use UI?
I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and it has been a pleasent experience, opinions? Are there better apps that do this?

(Marc Cooper) #2

I use it and recommend it.

I don’t know if there are any competitors. I guess I’ve never looked, as dash does all I need.

(Michael Brett) #3

Also +1 for Dash.

People looking for Windows/Linux alternatives can check out:

Zeal (Linux)
Velocity (Windows)

I found out about these when I checked out the Dash Atom plugin:

(Andy Henson) #4

Dash is a :thumbsup: from me too. I use it all the time and have it integrated with vim and Alfred so it’s super easy to access.

(Steve Jalim) #5

Dash and Alfred are my two most used ‘utility’. I’ve happily paid for both (Dash twice) and never regretted it a moment.

The only thing I wish Dash did (and maybe it does) is provide a copy-pasteable link to the source/live web documentation, so that when I find something in a flash in Dash, I don’t then have to rummage online for the appropriate online doc for a colleague

(Daniel Hollands) #6

I have Dash, I think I even have the premium version, but I never use it.

This might be because most of my development time is at work where I use Ubuntu, so don’t have access to Dash, but even when I am on my mac, I just never think about it - my first port of call is always Google.

If I used a mac for all my development, I could probably train myself to use Dash, but it ain’t happening at the moment.

(Andy Henson) #7

As far as I know it doesn’t but I really wish it did. I’m often on irc helping people and I look up the reference in dash then have to go and search again for it to provide the link to the person.

(Steve Jalim) #8

Have just emailed the creator with a query/feature request :o)

(Steve Jalim) #9

Answer is:

“Since Dash 3 you can click on the “Open in Browser” button at the top right and choose “Open Online Page”.”

(Andy Henson) #10

Great! I was wondering whether it was going to be worth upgrading - that’s just clinched it for me. :smiley:

(Jon) #11

I just use the bang feature in DuckDuckGo, e.g.

!php file_get_contents

In Firefox I just type this into the address bar, and DDG redirects me to the right manual page. There’s a couple of thousand of these in DDG, I think. I use !wiki quite a lot too, for Wikipedia.

(Michael Brett) #12

!MDN in DDG is one of my most used keystroke combinations :smile: