Introducing Bling.js

(Michael Brett) #1

Paul Irish being Paul Irish, I suppose:

(Daniel Hollands) #2

This is not something that I’ve had a chance to play with yet, but as I learn more and more about JavaScript, with a desire to do it without the likes of jQuery, this seems like an excellent approach.

(Michael Brett) #3

Yeah I thought this was a cool piece of hacking by Paul Irish.

It has become a bit of a thing (since I’ve been coding at least) to distance ourselves from jQuery in the front-end world, as focus has shifted (rightly) towards performance. However, I can easily envision a time - after HTTP2 becomes widely adopted - that jQuery will undergo some kind of rehabilitation amongst front-end devs.

It is, to paraphrase Sir Alex Ferguson, a ‘top, top library’.

You might be interested in this in the meantime, though:

(Michael Brett) #4

Also, this is an oldie but goodie that’s also worth checking out: