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After a really exciting three years, the EU funded ERDF project Big Data Corridor (BDC) project comes to a close and to celebrate it’s successes, the Consortium will be holding an event on 25 September in Birmingham.

This event will highlight the amazing uses of big data for both Industry (SMES and corporates alike) as well as LA’s. BDC is a great example of how these two sectors can be impacted by big data techniques, and the event will discuss how SMES in the region can continue to benefit from better use and understanding of big data!

The event will include keynotes and practical demonstrations, followed by panel discussions around collaborative work in big data and talks on how to monetise and visualise the unseen data.

Registration is now open for the event taking place at iCentrum - SPACES ARE LIMITED - book your space now via

We look forward to seeing you there!

Is data going to be available for those who can’t make it? :slight_smile:

Who in the forum has been involved in the ‘Big Data Corridor’ project? One of the reasons agilists try to avoid the word “project” is that they end but the work is rarely finished when the funding runs out. I’m most interested to see who this work was for, who will value it and how whatever it is will continue.

Hello Andy
Good to hear from you and incredibly sorry for the delayed response. I didn’t receive a notification via email to say I’ve had a comment on the post - good job I logged in :slight_smile: !

The project was led by Bham City Council, its an EU ERDF funded programme and the consortium consists of Aston University, Birmingham City University, WMCA, Innovation Birmingham and an SME called You.Smart.Thing. We have all learnt a lot over the three years and although the project was pretty slow to start we are in full momentum now its come to a close. Going forward, BCC are unable to support as remits have changed however the universities and IBL are looking how they can carry on the good work of the project.
Please do join us (and spread the word), come and have a chat with the partners - there is a raft of data which has derived from the project and we will seek to make this available, pending authorisation from data owners.

Apologies again for the delay, hope to catch up on the 25th!


Thanks for the reply. I won’t be able to attend, unfortunately. That was my reason for the question.

I’m surprised EU funding, via BCC, hasn’t resulted in the data produced being publicly owned. I hoped a lesson would be learned from not retaining rights to the Library software, which resulted in reduced library opening times.

I’m interested in this because the BrumTech community is trying to build infrastructure, but without any funding and I hadn’t even heard of this project before. There is no point any of us doing ‘volunteer work’ if it’s duplicating existing data that we don’t know about. We appear to be failing to co-ordinate our collective efforts, so I’m very pleased you let everyone know about the project. Thank you. I hope you’ll give updates when you have news.

That’s a shame you cant join us. Of course I will keep you posted on developments and what data we can share publicly (we are working towards this).


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