I'm thinking about stepping down - who should replace me?

UPDATE: This thread was originally in the staff forum, but has been moved into the open to get more feedback from the community.

UPDATE: I think it’s worth talking about what I do, and thus what my successor would also need to do. It isn’t a lot, to be fair, but will need someone to keep an eye on these things.

  • look after the birminghamio and builtinbrum Twitter accounts (I don’t do much with them, to be fair, so if you’re someone that knows how to get the most out of social media, then go for it).
  • accept new members into the Free Code Camp group on Facebook (this is a casual way of advertising the forum to local members of the Free Code Camp).
  • look after the domain name (renewal once every 2 years or so, funded by donations)
  • keep the forum software up to date (this is mostly automated, via a click of a button, but occasionally you’ll need to ssh into the server)
  • look after the birminghamio GitHub team (again, not much to do here, just accept relevant pull requests)
  • and some other bits (which I’ll update when I remember them)
  • keep an eye on the freelancers’ spreadsheet

With my move to Worcester due to take place in just over a month, and the fact that I’ve been pretty withdrawn from the community at large for a while now anyway, I think my time as the administrator of this community is coming to an end.

I’m keen on continuing to be a part of the community, and - as weird as this might sound - the fact that I won’t be in Brum any more will probably force me to become a bit more active (where I can), but I think I’ve done as much as I can for this community, and think it’s time for someone else to take the reins.

I’m not sure I ready for this to become public knowledge yet, as I’d rather name my successor first - but herein lies the issue - I don’t know who should take over.

So, what I’m looking for are some suggestions. If you yourself fancy taking over, let me know. If you can think of someone else who might be suitable, put their name forward.


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Hey all… waves

(also I promise I’ll say something more useful shortly)

I’ve been talking with @jims over on the Slack channel, and he’s expressed an interest in taking over the general running of the forum from me.

In the short term, while we figure out exactly what this means, and how best to implement it, I’ve set him up as a moderator on the forum.

So I have been nudged as a possible candidate for this, and as Dan says just exchanged a couple of messages. In the meantime I’ll be bouncing some ideas offline with some of the regulars on here, with Dan (obviously) and what we can collectively do to push the forum/slack/whatever we want up in terms of visibility/innovation.

Pinging @sil @rythie and @pads

pong. I think this is a great idea. (And nice one @LimeBlast for orderly transitions, even if we have lost you to :))

Worcester Source :wink:


Do you think we could open this thread up and see if anyone not a white male might be interested to help out in some way? I’m happy to remain a moderator (not that I’ve done much!)


Good idea, I’ve just moved it into #meta

I’m sorry to see you leave the post Daniel, you’ve built a fine community! :hugs:


Seconding @pads!

What does the infra for look like, and can it be democratised at all? (i.e. Is anybody willing to run this for free in an open/shared environment on behalf of the community–Thinking the fine folks at ByteMark, or pinging Discourse, or something like that?)

They already do! They were kind enough to sponsor a server for this site - see the footer.

Moved to the first post

Hey Guys,

I’d absolutely love to help out in any way possible as I think we’ve got such a wonderful community of people.

Please can you let me know if I can? If you want to grab a coffee/beer or chat on the phone about this, that’s cool too just let me know.



Hey @MollySC, are you a member of the Slack channel? If not, come join us and we can have a chat.

Hi @MollySC - although the forum is a bit quieter since Slack picked up momentum, I think both have value. We have an introductions section, do post a hello over there if you like!

Hi @MollySC, good to see you on here!
We’ll be holding some talks between various mods and the like shortly - I’ll keep you updated. Feel free to whatsapp if you want to know anything as you’ve already got it :+1:

That would be amazing, thanks Jim :slight_smile:

oooh fab, I definitely will. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


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