I'm moving to Brum!

Hey everyone! I’m Josh :grinning:
I’m super excited - I’ve just put down a deposit on a flat in Birmingham where I’ll be doing my first grad job! I’ll be brand new to the area (only been to Brum twice!) so please excuse any stupid questions and I look forward to seeing some of you at meetups!


Hi Josh and welcome! What’s your new job?

PS - the stupidest question is the one that is never asked :wink:

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Hello! I’m a Broadcasting Engineer Trainee with the BBC. A little different from my Maths degree, excited to be doing some proper tech!

Welcome! I work at the BBC too (although my team’s not based in the Mailbox where I assume you’ll be heading so we might not cross paths much). I’ve been in Brum for a year and it’s a great place, you’ll enjoy it!

Hi Josh. Where does someone who’s only been to Brum twice choose to live and how did you choose?

Good to hear you’re enjoying it! I’m not entirely sure where I’ll be day to day, I have a few big placements but no details about which teams they are with yet

I chose based on proximity to the BBC offices. Taking into account transport costs, walking distance made more sense than travelling from further out. Looking at flats was the reason for the second visit :slight_smile:

Welcome to the funhouse. :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t mind being in walking distance of The Craven Arms :slight_smile:

Sounds a pretty good choice because central without being too noisy yet close to things happening, without travelling too far.

Is that a pub I should keep on the radar? :wink:

It is. Small but nice. Getting quite popular. Food is cheese cobs, with OR without onion.

Across the Bristol Road you’ve got Island Bar and a street back lots of bars and the Victoria which has lots of good things happen but make sure your wallet is safely tucked away, depending on what crowd it’s attracting that night. ‘Skeptics in the Pub’ and ‘PubHD’ happen upstairs there. A friend of mine was involved in starting Skeptics, to meet interesting people. It worked.

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