I'm an Aussie that has found a new home in Brum

(Rachael McNally) #1

Hi there! I have left the shores of Australia to experience the UK and I’ve recently found my way to Birmingham. So far it’s been a great adventure. I’ve been getting connected with what’s happening in the area and found Birmingham.IO. I’m loving the energy from you all!
Career wise, my experience is in IT Change Management, Enterprise UX and technology deployment.
Within a project I get involved in both UX design and Change Management. The logic is, the more user friendly the product, the easier the change.
Combining my technical background with my design skills, I creative innovative solutions across product design, through to marketing, training and support. My approach has proven to increase customer satisfaction and overall project success.
I have recently finished working as the Creative Design Lead for a global projects team at ExxonMobil. Now that I have landed in Birmingham I’m looking for my next challenge.

If you feel that my skills could be useful to you or someone within you network, please get in touch. I’d be happy to send through a CV, or even better, let’s catch up for a coffee.
I am looking forward to meeting you all on Friday night.

(Stuart Langridge) #2

Welcome to the funhouse. :slight_smile:

(Daniel Hollands) #3

Quite why anyone would willingly choose to leave Oz to move to the UK is beyond me, but you’re more than welcome :smiley:

Looking forward to meeting you on Friday - I’ll be the confused looking guy trying to hide from everyone :blush:

(Greg Robson) #4

I bet that’s the last time you trust the Sat Nav for directions! :laughing:

Welcome to beautiful, warm**, cultured, exciting, vibrate city of Birmingham!

** Might be a lie!

(Steve Jalim) #5

That’ll be all the construction work

(Michael Brett) #6

Or that earthquake that one time #neverforget

(Daniel Hollands) #7

https://www.wikiwand.com/en/2002_Dudley_earthquake ???

(Michael Brett) #8

Yup. Also, that’s just reminded me of the tornado as well!

(Rachael McNally) #9

and here I was thinking I was safe from any natural disasters here… seems it may have been a false scene of security.

(Greg Robson) #10

We have only two types of snakes (and they’re non-lethal), no alligators and no native poisonous spiders, so I guess you’re winning on balance!

(Daniel Hollands) #11

That’s how they tricked me into moving here… They’re sneaky like that.

(Rachael McNally) #12

It’s more your coffee here thats killing me haha.

(Greg Robson) #13

Not in Birmingham Surely?


+1 for 6/8 Kafé, Damascena and the Edwardian Tea Rooms (such good cake!). I’m sure others on here can advise on the other places :slight_smile:

(Rachael McNally) #14

I only arrived here on the weekend, so I’m really looking forward to making my way through your list, THANKS!!

(Keji Adedeji) #15

Welcome Rachel, coffee in Oz is indeed great, especially in Melbourne…but do give some of the Birmingham coffee shops a chance.

(Daniel Hollands) #16

I plan on heading to Quarterhouse at some point soon.

(Andy Wootton) #17

I was talking to a couple leaving Brum to be by the sea last night, so it’s good to see someone trying to rebalance the natural order of things. There’s sometimes a beach behind one of the nightclubs in Digbeth but you still need to check for sharks.

(Matthew Steer) #18

Faculty, in the Piccadilly Arcade just opposite New Street Station, serves the best coffee in Birmingham.

Hmm… like your theory about “change is easier if the UX is good”. Change is also easier if you can get faster feedback and a quicker release cycle.