I'm a Ruby girl, in a Python world (sung to the tune of "Barbie Girl")

My intention wasn’t to discourage, but to cast the net wider.

Saw this on Lambda the Ultimate today: C is Manly, Python is for “n00bs”: How False Stereotypes Turn Into Technical “Truths”.

Worth a read, some interesting points.

I guess no-one is writing assembly any more then :disappointed: There’s a whole bunch of books I should probably bin.

Never throw anything away. They might prove useful when people decide to start hand-optimising Java bytecode in HTTP 2. I wish I was joking.

“As far back as 1991”? I think Pascal was being derided at least a decade earlier than that. Real Programmers Don’t Eat Quiche! Type checking was for wimps.

It’s actually quite alarming to read this after so many years and realise how little has changed. For Trash-80 read Raspberry Pi.

" in the literature" probably means ‘on usenet’.

I’ve realised I must have seen this by mid-1983. We didn’t have Internet. It would have travelled from MIT via Cambridge Computer Lab and at least one mag tape, being shared between hackers. It may have been my first meme!

Oh, i don’t know. I see a lot of PHP and Javascript that’s more verbose than assembly. The devs could probably learn a trick or two from those books :wink:

Pascal was the first language I developed a real liking for, back in the day. Before that, I’d used COBOL, RPG2, Fortran, and IBM360 and PLAN assemblers (I’ve probably forgotten a couple I dabbled with). It was also my introduction to OO when Borland added OO to their Pascal. Although I learned C, I never understood why anyone would use C++ when Pascal was so much “better”. I’m don’t recall that we called languages elegant, and so on back then. I’ve never had cause to doubt my feelings for C++.

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