If you're in/near Selly Oak: Fargo's sells Parmos

Now then, as the title sounds a bit spammy I figure I should probably start by mentioning that I’m not affiliated with Fargo’s.

The title says it all, but if you’re not familiar with Parmos I’m going to drop a quick knowledge-bomb on you. This beauty right here is a Parmo:

As is this magnificent beast:

It’s a North-Eastern delicacy (from Middlesbrough, originally) made from deep-fried breaded chicken, bechamel sauce, optional toppings, and cheese. If you’re wondering which type of cheese, let me answer you. Typical pizza cheese - Mozzarella, cheddar, it’s all good. I’ll tell which cheese it isn’t too - Parmesan. There ain’t no Parmesan on a Parmo, this is a Chicken Parmo not a Chicken Parmesan. However, to keep people on their toes, presumably, Fargo’s has these listed on their menu as ‘Parmesans’. Ignore them, they know nothing.

If you’re still not overly clear, there’s a Wikipedia article but I’ll save you the bother of reading it. A Parmo is basically a pizza made out of chicken. Take a second to soak that up. Pizza made out of chicken.

This is the only place I’ve seen them in Birmingham (or even this far South). If you know of other forward-thinking establishments with Parmos on the menu please do share.

If you have questions I’m happy to answer them.


You had me at…

The next question would have been “Do they deliver?”, but, rather than being lazy and simply asking here, I decided to investigate myself, by visiting their site, and seeing this:

As a Netizen with a conscious, this puts me in a difficult position, do I become a patron of this establishment, and discover what it’s like to have a (literal) chicken pizza in my belly, or do I boycott them for their flagrant disregard for other people’s bandwidth?

I’ve not had a dilemma this conflicting since trying to choose between Team Cap and Team Stark. :sweat:

You’re in luck on both counts!

That’s the wrong Fargo’s (my bad, I thought there was only one). The right URL is

And they do deliver, they’re on Just-Eat. No idea of their delivery radius though.


Team Stark always, surely?

Honestly, I found myself unable to choose. In both comic and film (although I have to admit, I didn’t finish the comics).

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