Idea: removing the sub categories from the Meetup Groups category

I’m looking for some feedback on the idea of removing the sub-categories from the Meetup Groups category.

Currently there are sub-categories for the following groups:

And I would be very happy to host them if they were used by the members of the various groups, but they’re not.

Because of this I’m proposing a slight restructuring of that section of the community. Rather than individual categories for each group, the Meetup Groups category itself will be opened to discussion of any and all of the groups which currently exist. This, I’m hoping, will encourage discussion between the groups (maybe leading to co-hosted events, for example), and hopefully encourage members of groups not listed to get involved in the discussions.

Most of the existing content will be moved into this root category, with one or two exceptions. Exception the first being any posts announcing meets - these will be moved into the Events category. Exception the second is any posts asking for help with something - these will be moved into Help & Support.

I’m hoping these changes will help streamline the community, but I don’t want to do anything without first hearing what you have to say about it - so, what say you?


Seems a good idea to me, but it’s not me you gotta convince; it’s the groups themselves to use this place for discussion.

I personally agree; I’m a bit surprised by the open code group though given you regular attendance. So In my opinion It would be best that these groups were represented as threads on the meetups page until the Birmingham.IO community grows further and then see as it goes from there :sunny:

Where would a discussion about Java go, under Code or Java User Group? Such questions are best avoided by taxonomy design, so I’d certainly scrap the languages. Best for the groups to recruit new members too.

Yes - they seemed like a good idea at the time. But tumbleweed.

Amalgamating them all into one area would be good - then if one sub topic took off it could have a category all of its own.

Seems like a sensible suggestion to me.

OK, I’m glad that people seem open to the idea. I’ll leave it a couple of days, and provided no one comes up with a valid reason why not to by the weekend, I’ll do it then.

Thank you for the feedback everyone.

The process is complete - apologies for all the old events posts which have risen to the top - I’m not sure how to change that.

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