I wrote a UX book

(Will Grant) #1

It’s a book about UX and in exchange for money, Amazon will helpfully deliver a copy to you:


(Jon) #2

Ooh, the chap on the front looks kinda grey. Is he getting enough sunlight, do you think? :sun_with_face:

(Will Grant) #3

@halfer He’s busy toiling away, doing valuable user research, in order to bring you this excellent book.

(Jon) #4

Tell him his efforts are much appreciated! Hopefully when the weather improves, he can do some toiling al-fresco for a nice boost of UV. I recommend the garden at Fazeley Studios, for what it’s worth - lovely in the summer, and open to the public.

:sunflower: :coffee: :beer:

(Will Grant) #5

I think I’d (switched back to first-person) get PTSD if I went back to Fazeley Studios…
If you could go and buy 10 copies that would be great, and would pay for a UV-packed holiday somewhere warm.

(Jon) #6

That problem is easily solved. Just don your Tony Blair fright mask and wear some leaky headphones playing death metal at high volume, and everyone will leave you alone. It’s not failed me yet. :headphones: :scream_cat:

(Matthew Steer) #7

Neat. I will point my UXers at it and we’ll get a copy for the library.

(Will Grant) #8

Thanks Matt, that’s really kind.