I guess it's time to introduce myself

Hi there!

Some of you guys know me already from the meetups and such, I’ve also been lurking for a while in the forums but I guess it’s now time to become a bit more active.

I’m still in uni, learning how to be a designer (Personally trying to focus on UX design) and trying to lose my imposter syndrome. I’m also really interested in programming but I’m nowhere near as good, however I’m always happy to listen to people talk about front-end deving.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to ihave some interesting input for the forums! :smile:


Hey @Fyx, welcome to the community. I think you was at the one-year anniversary party, right?

You should add yourself to the freelancers page, if you’ve not already,

I was yeah, we’ve seen each other a couple of times already. Sorry for not being an active member of the community before going to the anniversary!

Nothing to be sorry about - as long as you enjoyed the party, that’s all I care about. What did you lot get up to after I left?

I had a great time, we just had a few more beers, had a couple more laughs and went home :smile:

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