I did it, I'm moving!

Moving to the Jewellry Quarter in a month’s time!

So community, I literally know nobody. I am doing something I would have considered totally bizarre a year ago and upped sticks from my adopted home, London and moved back to the city of my upbringing with the twist that I have never had any career here, no friends left here (all in London) and no family (my parents are literally leaving Edgbaston after 30 years as I arrive). I bring with me a Mac and a Symfony stack that does API analytics for the music and film industry, which fuels my need to get out into the Brum tech scene as I am going to be remote for at least 6 months.

Who’s for a pint?


The Silicon Canal Summer BBQ is coming up, that should be a pretty big event with a range of Brum techie people

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Thanks for this - quite a few have mentioned this event, though sadly it’s before I move (and I’ll probably be packing that weekend!)

My daughter has had an offer on a flat just off Old Street accepted, to restore imbalance in the universe. I’ve learned where the Silicon Roundabout is. I must check if she’s allowed to sub-let the broom cupboard.

The best thing about that area is Ironmonger Row baths.

I’m sure she’ll be able to sub-let the boom cupboard at a reasonable price. Say, £1200 a month.

I think that’s very near where they are going. She’ll be able to walk to work rather than 2 hours standing on Southern Trains.

Reasons for leaving London #121: no hour and a half commute including one southern train which doesn’t seem to have wheels on it half the time.

The tube may be every minute, but you go south of the river and it’s a different world.

I am quite looking forward to seeing how the midland metro expansions pan out

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Welcome to the show that never ends. Let us know when you get into town and pints will be had. :slight_smile:

You’re moving to Brum at about the same time as I’ll be moving away - although I think there might be some overlap. There are plenty of good pubs in JQ, although I’m sure you know that :slight_smile:

Anyway, welcome (back)

Birmingham: Beyond Thunderdome. One person enters: one person leaves.


Probably going to Scotland, according to the Birmingham Mail. Homes in demand:

1 Edinburgh

3 Glasgow

I give them 1 Winter. I almost didn’t survive a day up there when it was cold.

Just if you’re interested, there’s an E-learning job up for grabs at Warwick Uni (Laravel coding which is kind of built on Symfony)

Closing date erm… today! So be quick :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up - I’m still not moving for a few weeks though, bit too snappy!
I would also argue that Laravel and Symfony are very different beasts in design. Shared components, maybe

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