I built a workbench

I plan on doing a full post about this on my blog - but in the short term, if you can tolerate some off-topic ego-stroking - I built a workbench this weekend:


Lordy, that is a strong workbench. :rofl:

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Is the base to make the height adjustable? Does it provide storage too?

I haven’t put my Aldi work bench together yet :-/

Phahaha… I’ll have you know I’ve lost 15kg this past year :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s easy: lose 1kg, gain 1kg, do this twice a month! :grinning:

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Alas, there is no height adjustment.

There is the main shelf on the bottom, which could be used for storage, but as I plan on moving this around a fair bit (using it for whatever project I need, then putting it back in the shed when I’m done) I decided against the extra shelves that the original plan had:

My Aldi workbench was instrumental in the building of this one - although I could have got away without needing it.

This new photo cancels my question about where you got such big chunks of timber. I thought they must be fence posts.

I was in the Cotswolds last week. Have been eyeing up big, old lumps of wood enviously. Learned an interesting trick from an old barn: limestone is porous so posts standing on a stone pillar had a piece of oak running horizontally so water leaching up the stone evaporated out of the end-grain, preventing the base of the post from rotting. It was 13th Century, so it must work.

With the exception of the shelf and the top surface, the whole thing is built from four 2x4s (or, 50x100mm, in metric countries). once the legs have been cut to length, they’re laminated together to the beasts you see before you.

Here’s my blog post about the project:

Oh, that paint isn’t as ‘architect green’ as I thought. It’s half way to ‘National Trust green’.

Not “British Racing” enough for me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I was going to go for something like Urban Slate, but the name Lime Burst won me over.

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I’ll just leave this here:

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@auxbuss: Are you suggesting that @LimeBlast should stand on a table in his birthday suit, surround himself with mermaids and gargoyles, and post photographic evidence?


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How to make a ‘lost’ English joiner’s bench, by an American

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