Howler, social joke writing. Made in Brum


I’ve been working on this thing for what feels like forever, many of you who’ve met me will of known about it for some time but guess what, I finally launched the thing!

Concept is simple, add punchlines to setups, creating one-liner jokes, some funny some well, you will have to judge for yourself. Each joke is linked to its own setup, creating a joke thread with lots of different variations.

A good example of this is here.

We soft launched on the web and just launched on iPhone two weeks ago, we’ve quickly grown to 800 users, nearly 7000 jokes and 100k page views so things have moved fast. We got featured on Product Hunt, App Advice and Cult of Mac. We have great retention, so the content seems to be sticky enough people want to come back for me, session times are averaging around 7mins.

This app was designed in Solihull, built in Bewdley.

We’re currently looking for some investment to see how far we can push it, we want to be the first place amateur comedians go when venturing into the industry.

Any Q’s just shout.


Well done Mike, thought this was just a hackathon throw-away idea but turns out it works better than I could imagine.

Q. How will it make money? :smiley: (I ask since you mention your looking for investment)

Hah, Thanks! This idea was logged in my head way before the hackathon!

There are many avenues we could pursue, some big ideas for brands and pro accounts, some smaller ideas such as merchandise, we want to keep it ad free which brings it’s own challenges!

Can’t really give too much away at this stage but we do have lots of things to try for sure!

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