How Telemetry (& AI) can be your best friend - Wednesday 14 Feb

(Dave Evans) #1

With the help of a bit of artificial intelligence Telemetry can even prevent outages or explain sudden load surges so that you can plan in advance. Matteo Emili talks about this: how Telemetry helps the business, and how it can really become a major player for your development teams.

Details here:

(Andy Wootton) #2

I was in Bridgenorth last weekend because the National Trust house we thought we were visiting was closed for the Winter. We walked along the bank of the Severn and I noticed a water metering station. When I worked at Instem in the 80s we had telemetry outstations that monitored the height of water but this one also measures flow rate and I assume it’s networked. Instem’s were on dial-up. It’s near the site where the first steam-engine for a train was made. Industrial Revolution cycles.

(Dave Evans) #3

Yes, telemetry has been around a long time… I often reflect on how the lessons of the past are soon forgotten and a whole new group of people have to re-learn.

It’s a shame that there are about 6 other tech events on the same night as this meeting, my only excuse is “I was here first”. :slight_smile: