How do you manage your ebooks?

(Andy Wootton) #1

Further to @LimeBlast’s recommendation of Calibre, how do people read their ebooks. I’ve never had enough to worry about before but having bought 10 at once I feel the need to get organised.

I’d like there to be a place where I keep a master copy, in all formats I have and then to be able to read on my kobo ebook reader, Android, (real) Linux, macOS or Windows (unlikely.)

I have Adobe Acrobat, Kobo Books, Cool Reader, Google Newsstand, Adobe Digital Editions and FBReader on Android and I think all my books are DRM free but how do you all read? I see different books in each reader I’ve installed because I assume each has it’s own library format.

(Marc Cooper) #2

I keep my ebooks (500+ /o\) in Calibre – where I can fiddle with metadata and add/change covers, etc. This gets backed up by Timemachine – though I may move it to iCloud soon (much excite). When I want to read something, I copy it to iBooks, where it becomes automatically available on all devices. The Glory of the Cloud!

I also have the Kindle app on i-devices, in case I buy something (usually freebies) from Amazon where I can’t nuke the DRM nonsense. (The Kindle app is also better than iBooks when reading non-English books, due to its better dictionary integration.)

Tech books: I generally only use the PDF version and keep them on the MBP, so they don’t go into Calibre.

(Daniel Hollands) #3

This is almost the exact opposite of me - my calibre library (which is in my Dropbox) - is almost exclusively tech books, obtained from places such as Humble Bundle, LeanPub, etc… For any commercial books, I tend to favour just buying them on Amazon for my Kindle Paperwhite.

Anyway, in an update to what I’ve written before, I now have a Surface Pro, onto which I’ve added my Dropbox and Calibre. The idea is that I’ll have my entire library with me anywhere I take the Surface Pro - rather than having to predict which books I’m mostly like to want, and syncing them to my Nexus 9.

I’m looking forward to taking full advantage of the huge screen for reading my PDF books.

(Marc Cooper) #4

heh There’s method in my madness!

My set-up is designed so that I don’t have my library with me at all times. In the past, I found that distracting. Keeping only active and up next with me works better with my distractable brain. That said, I’m also reading a lot more dead tree books than I was. In general, I seem to prefer novels in their paper form.

(Stuart Langridge) #5

What I do is described at TLDR: Calibre, exported to my server; sftp client on phone which grabs books into the book reader; a bunch of little scripts to tie it all together.

(Andy Wootton) #6

Thanks for the replies. Interesting that there is such a range of requirements and processes but so much support for Calibre.

I think the ‘not being distracted’ vs ‘always available’ push-me-pull-you is a real thing too. Luckily, I’m usually distracted away from reading books rather than towards them.