How do you get the best deal on a holiday?

(Daniel Hollands) #1

At some point in late November / early December my girlfriend and I are going for a holiday in Iceland for a week.

We’ve reserved a 2-week block off work, starting Monday 28th November, so we can have a bit of flexibility in when we travel, for a better deal on things like flights, etc…

Which is great in theory, but in practice I’ve never booked a holiday before, so I’m not really sure what I’m doing - and fully expect I’ve probably got “sucker” written across my forehead.

So what I’m after is a bit of advice on how to get a good deal.

  • What are the best sites to use?
  • Is it better to get everything separately, or as a package?
  • Is it true that if I don’t clear my cookies, every time I look at flights, the prices go up?

I’m utterly clueless at this whole thing, so are welcoming of any advice you can give. Thanks.

(Andy Wootton) #2

Prices on return visits can go down as well as up.

I’d try Trailfinders, near the Tony Hancock statue on Corporation Street, as well as online. They specialise in independent travellers so are incredibly flexible but big enough to get good rates with hotels. They build you a custom holiday then hand over an envelope of vouchers and you have an online account while you’re traveling to check times or reprint tickets. They were the only people who would let us fly to San Fran and back from LA without charging almost double.

(Daniel Newns) #3

Iceland interesting ive been looking into going there myself, I have been recommended this company for flights they are the equivelant of Icelands Ryan Air but from what I hear a lot better, flights are from Bristol or london.

ive just looked flying out on the 28th for two people for one week comes to £167 return which if you ask me is pretty great.

(Daniel Hollands) #4

I found Google Flights to be pretty good, giving me a matrix of dates, and the prices for all, letting me be flexible and able to choose the cheapest dates.

I’ll check out WOW air.

(Marc Cooper) #5

Heh, I’m thinking of going back to Iceland this year. One of the world’s most special places. This time, though, I might be looking to stay a while. One of the joys of working remote. Have a great trip. Don’t hold back. Everything is amazing. It’ll empty your wallet, though. It’s crazy expensive. You won’t regret it.

(Daniel Hollands) #6

All booked - flying out to Iceland on the 28th November, and back on the 5th December.

In the end, we used a bunch of package holiday comparison sites, then checked the hotels using TripAdvisor for reviews.

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