Hotdesk space in Birmingham City Centre

(Steve Pitchford) #21

A workshop sounds like a wonderful idea.

(Andy Wootton) #22

Those are codes for knowing nothing and working for free :slight_smile:

(Daniel Hollands) #23

Did anyone see this?

(Andy Wootton) #24

That’s quite interesting because whenever I think of anything we might do online to build a community in Brum, it could be replicated anywhere, so you end up in a dive to the bottom on price between competing cities. That isn’t a contest a second city should want to get into. We need to concentrate on how we are better than London (I take that as a given) and aim for the discerning ‘buyer’. We need a network where people find it easy to find out about the area around Birmingham, not to compare us on price with other cities.

Where are the offices? (as discussed)
Who are the employers? (as, Slack Brumtech & Silicon Canal have tried and others are developing products)
Where do ‘my kind of people’ live?
How does the transportation work?
What are the schools, colleges, universities teaching?
Religion & Philosophy.
Where do people go out? What’s On? (There are many places to find this out. You just have to find them all and known the right people)
We need a distributed network of co-operating sites with a ‘buyers bias’ that builds community rather than competing individuals and businesses with something to sell, so everyone that comes to the city wins and it isn’t at someone else’s expense. Problem: I don’t know how the coordination work gets funded.

I’d like there not to be ‘a hub’. Proper distribution and openness. Shared ownership of the core infrastructure.