Hot desking spaces in Birmingham

(Richard Says Hello) #21

There is a new co-working/art/tech space opening on Dudley Street (round the corner from the Electric Cinema) in November, I got a bit of a preview the other day, it’s a building site at the moment but it’s already looking good.

(Asif Mirza) #22

Hi There,

I’ve been asked to do a talk at a co-working space this weekend. Its called which is based in Stechford. Being from London, I have no idea whether the location works for you however.

Good luck with your search


(Naomi Watts) #23

Just to let you all know, here at Innovation Birmingham Campus, we are offering a free trial week for tech companies to come in and use our co-working space. All you have to do is email me ( to arrange when you’d like to come in. Happy to answer any questions as well :smiley:

(Andy Wootton) #24

Not so much hot desking as conference room hire BUT:

On the wall in the 6th Floor ‘rest room’ in House of Fraser was an advertisement for a Meeting Room to hire.

I think it was £80 for a 14 person room but please check because that seems very cheap.

(Gemma Wall) #25


Alpha Works is a new Co-Working space in the Alpha Tower, Birmingham. There are private offices as well as Hot-Desk space. Free flow tea & coffee, amazing views, 24/7 access, social drinks monthly and café on site!

(Andy Wootton) #26

Does @paulineroche know? She keeps her list up to date at
RnR’s ‘Cafe & Venues Directory’:

(I haven’t forgotten, Pauline! My last couple of visits into Brum have been on tight timescales.)

(Andy Wootton) #27

I’ve copied @Gemma_Wall’s link into this thread too, so everything is together:

…meeting rooms, super-fast broadband, true community feel!

(Pauline Roche) #28


(Andy Wootton) #29

I noticed a cafe at the crossing over to the JQ which I haven’t seen before. I’ll get the name next time there’s less sleet.

Got it off GMaps: Nettl

Next to Subway. It says coffee and free WiFi but that could be a trap as it rents work-space.

(Alex Russell) #30

Costes Café Bar?

(Andy Wootton) #31

It’s @paulineroche who needs to know any we spot. I remember how we used to annoy my boss’s PA by only ever telling her about changes to phone numbers when she issued the quarterly list of phone numbers. Sorry Pauline! You’re doing a fine job.

(Alex Russell) #32

Sorry I was just trying to help you name yours. I see you managed to do so in the meantime though.

(Daniel Hollands) #33

You know, I used to walk past there all the time, and not once did I ever notice it. Too busy eyeing up the Subway next door no doubt :slight_smile:

(Andy Wootton) #34

Mine’s just around the Google Corner, on the other side of Subway and I’d never noticed that before either.