Hot desking spaces in Birmingham

(Tajinder Singh) #1


Just wanted to know if anyone has been using hot desking or knows some places which allow so. I know Innovation Bham @Faraday Wharf have a hot desking option well advertised.
People like working in the confines of there comfort zones aka flat/houses but at times it gets a bit too cosy to get work done.
Assuming many would just go down to the cafe and work, but how long can one stay, before it gets awkward, also the wifi isnt always reliable.
I like the look of Boxxed, too bad its closed on weekends. What I am looking for is a 24/7 access, including weekends, close to amenities for food and drink. Any suggestions?? or am I asking too much.

Where you go to study, focus & get away from it all?
(Daniel Hollands) #2

I doubt this is going to be of much use for you, but last night I discovered that The ICC is a cool place to hang out with a laptop after hours. Lots of chairs, good WiFi, and even a Starbucks (or was it a Costa?).

As for actual hot desking, I don’t know, but I’m sure someone here may do.

(Paul Tibbetts) #3

Not a hot desking space (or open 24/7) but I’ve been in the new Library which has plenty of free desk space (you can just wander in and set yourself down anywhere), OK Wifi speeds and some nice views whilst you work.

(Daniel Hollands) #4

Once again, not an official hot desk, but right now I’m sat in a Wetherspoons doing some work. Cheap coffee, good wifi (and as long as you can zone out of the sounds of children eating) a pretty chilled place - during the day at least.

You may also want to take a look at Hub Birmingham. I’m not entirely sure exactly what they’re planning, but this might be an option once they’re open.

(Stewart Robinson) #5 Looks cool for this

(Michelle Rayner) #6

Hi, i’m the Programme Manager at e4f based at Innovation Birmingham which includes hot desking. Can I ask why this is not of interest to you? We have lots of tech businesses based here, we are open 24/7, WiFi is included, have plenty of tea and coffee, only 10-15 mins walk from the city centre and everyone is really friendly - what more can you ask for? Plus we offer a no strings 1 week free trial to any tech business before they decide to sign up or not. It’s only £99 a month plus VAT which we think is very reasonable.

(Tajinder Singh) #7

Hello @MichelleRayner remember meeting you at last month’s TechWednesday. I was going to drop you a line regarding this but couldn’t make it to the last TechW meetup. Anyways, work full time so the idea of hot desking is only for weekends. Is there a weekend only pass or a pay as you go?

(Simon Jenner) #8

Hey look out for the Sandpit coming soon - co-working space in Birmingham for tech/digital startups. Will be 24/7 & weekends. Website launching this month

(Michelle Rayner) #9

Sorry @TajinderSD, unfortunately we currently only offer one membership price for co-working space but still think that the price is quite competitive, even if you did just need it for weekends. I’ll happily show you around sometime, let me know.

(Stuart Langridge) #10

Sandpit? Where’s that going to be?

I’m quite looking forward to Hub Birmingham since it’s in Brindleyplace :smile:

(Daniel Hollands) #11

Hey @simonjenner, once you’re up and running, feel free to come back and tell us all about it.

(Tajinder Singh) #12

thats close by, @simonjenner do let us know

(Tajinder Singh) #13

@MichelleRayner Let me have a think over this, will let you know

(Richard Cunningham) #14

£99/month is competitive for full time access (for comparison TechHub in London charges £330 for a similar thing)

However, also charging £99/month for 2 day access is not that competitive with TechHub London in my view since they charge £37.50/month (charged yearly) for upto 20 hours a week in the office, though it’s only working hours.

I would be great if Birmingham had access to a lower cost hotdesking for less regular / non-peak time users.

@simonjenner Sandpit sounds interesting!


(Michelle Rayner) #15

Hi @rythie, thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately we are very focused on building a community within our co-working space and therefore someone coming in for 2 days only is not in keeping with our vision.

(Richard Cunningham) #16

I’m actually thinking someone who’s working alone (e.g. freelancer) might only want to come in 2 days a week, given that they could work at home or in coffee shops or the library or at client’s offices etc. on other days.

Any thoughts from people already mostly work from home?

(Stuart Langridge) #17

I’m not sure myself what the benefit of having a co-working space is, as a freelancer, unless you want to be there always. I mean, as you mention, there’s the library and coffee shops and whatnot, no? I personally work from home all the time, but I’m weird like that :slight_smile:

(Richard Says Hello) #18

There’s quite a few nice coffee shops around Brum, I don’t think it gets too awkward hanging around unless they are really busy. Personal favourites with good WIFI are Cherry Reds on John Bright Street and Cafephillia in Moseley.

As for hot desking spaces have you looked at the Moseley Exchange?

(Philip Wattis) #19

Not wishing to put words into Michelle’s mouth, but I think the reason Innovation Birmingham exists is to try and create jobs and investment within Birmingham. I think this is a necessary requirement as it receives significant European funding (and I think is owned by the Council).

This might explain why they are not simply offering flexible workspace to anyone who is willing to pay. A freelancer doing ‘work for hire’ is probably not likely to be the next job creator.

Excited to hear more about Sandpit from Simon.

(Nick Hollingsworth) #20

I second Moseley Exchanges coworking facilities. If you dont mind being 10 minutes out the centre I think its got what you asked for, except weekend availability. They have both limited hour plans and spend-the-whoe-time-there ones.