[Hiring] Dayoutwiththekids are hiring Senior Developer

(Peter Chatterley) #1

Hi All, we are hiring a Snr developer for Dayout with the Kids in Kings Norton to work on their new Web Platform.

The culture is great and working for a fantastic CTO, small team, you would be our fourth hire as we move towards building a scaleable commercial platform.

We code mainly in Node.JS and React, with the current site in PHP and you will be involved in significant projects that will impact the business.

The business is well established, services over 26 million users a year and is now moving to mobile platforms, so we are building high availability, highly scalable services

Our culture is one of inclusiveness, over 60% of the team are female and we are champions of diversity in tech. Our leadership team have recently set out a vision of where we can take the site and this is driven by our engineering team.

Your mission will be to build and evolve great solutions for our users, measuring usage and engagement to make evidence-based decisions. You’ll be involved in deciding what we do, as well as actually getting it done.

You’ll want to write tests, and automate deployments, minimise the busy work so we can focus on developing features that make a real difference.

We use modern engineering practices like Agile, work within a CI/CD environment and are building a data rich environment that will support releases of new features that make a difference to our users.

You’ll be supported by experts in digital marketing and SEO and an experienced startup CTO.

You will make significant input into architectural decisions and own the delivery of code.

To learn more or apply please visit the following link.

https://day-out-with-the-kids.workable.com/j/9A6FF01B6A or www.dayoutwiththekids.co.uk

(Jon) #2

That sounds like a nice role, and it is heartening to see the focus on a healthy and positive culture. More teams need to be like that :smile_cat:

(Jon) #3

Just a thought @TalentHacker - this ad, and the Workable page, is a bit light on tech detail. Can you expand on that a bit? I can see Node/React/PHP, and that’s about it.

(Peter Chatterley) #4


So its really about building highly scalable responsive front ends and then rearchitecting and building our core platform to become more usable by customers, allow personalisation, search and monetization.

The current platform is mainly PHP but this is being rearchitected to Node.JS and React.

We operate good code practices like SCRUM, CI/CD and are looking to use containers and hosted services.

So good knowledge of a SVN like Github is useful.

The tech side is useful, although I think we would prefer to really find people who love our culture, are happy being in a very inclusive environment and are happy to learn whatever tools they need. Somebody with Python or Ruby or even c# if they were a good engineer who solves problems would be a really good fit for us.

Thanks for the comments, hope all is good with you.