Hi my name's Pandelis, but my friends get to call me 🐼

So hey ho hello!

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been active on a message board on the big scary web and hopefully none of those teenage posts come to haunt me :skull_crossbones:

So onto the formalities. I’m currently a second year BsC Computer Science student at Birmingham City University. Because I’m at uni and to do uni properly I need to be on a society so why not make it a computing one. As a committee member of HaCS, the Hackathon and Computing Society at BCU, my aim is to get more and more students involved in the tech community! So this year we’re putting on tonnes of workshops, talks, hackathons and events (hacktoberfest is one of our first) to inspire people to get coding.

I’m an absolute hackathon addict and spent pretty much every weekend in my first year travelling around the UK to different unis just to code. You can follow along on my adventures on my Twitter @PandelisZ. I mostly code in JavaScript because I like chaos, destruction and the odd trip down callback hell.

But yeah that’s some stuff about me… You’ll probably see me pop in on the odd occasion to events and such. I like meeting other techies :grinning:

Much Love :panda_face:.

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Welcome to the show that never ends :grinning:

Hey Panda, welcome to the fold.

I get confused with all the different universities in the area, so I’m possily wrong here, but do you know @TauOmicronMu? I think he’s at the University of Birmingham, is that different to yours? In any case, if you don’t know him, you probably should.

Same with @poppie, @jackweirdy and @LilyHoskin (they’re the only students I know, although I’m not even sure they still are students).

Anyway, I’m looking forward to meeting you at Hacktoberfest.

Luckily I have had the pleasure of meeting them. We are however at different universities.

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Welcome Panda-shaped-graphic :-).

That @Limeblast makes a very good point. If you were someone in Brum wanting to go to a local university or, probably more likely, someone who wanted to come to Birmingham, aren’t the universities confuzzling? e.g. Where are they? (EVERYWHERE!) Just as I don’t find it easy to know where the tech is in Brum, others might find it difficult to locate an appropriate educational establishment and they all think they are competitors, so don’t address this need.

That gap for a web site/WIKI for the community that we thought Silicon Canal would be, rears its head again.

List, history, name changes for confused parents (I went to ‘The University of Aston in Birmingham’), map, links. It ‘s a lot like when we were trying to find a local beginners’ electronics course. What if Brum was more helpful than other places? Hack that!

Greetings, Panda.

You sound busy!

Sorry to hear that :cry: On the upside, best to get the worst out of the way early :slight_smile:

Saw this only today:

hahahahaha Actually laughed out loud at this :grin:

hi Pandelis!

I believe we met at the JLR hackathon.


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