Hi - looking to move forward with project

Hi all,

developer with over 20 years *nix experience, mainly Enterprise Java developer with smatterings of Python, C and C++. For the last 5 years my company has been developing a Surveillance Integration Framework (SIF) that also has potential to be used in Environmental monitoring too. Hoping that there’s others out there that have skills outside my remit (marketing, bid writing etc.). Chat to you all soon, will probably post something in the Projects topic.


Hi Richard and welcome. There seem to be a few ‘incubators’ around Brum who will offer such advice. They appear to be funded by government (it’s always a bit vague) to provide free advice but that advice usually comes from someone looking for businesses to invest in, then to profit from the growth in what used to be your company. I’m a little suspicious of the whole concept but ‘your mileage may vary’. I’d rather see government funding small companies directly than funding banks and large companies to Hoover up all the innovation. Maybe I’m too cynical.

Thanks for the information Andy,

that’s why I thought I’d join here first to see if there’s anyone to partner with. Ultimately I’ll go down the route of investment but you never know who’s around with the right contacts etc… I found a few incubators on Silicon Canal that I’ll consider later. Project comes to completion this month which is why I’ve started making these steps. It’s very nerve racking, I have to admit!

I agree with your comments - I’d prefer to think you’re realistic rather than cynical!

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