Hi, I'm Woo and I used to be technical

I used to:

  • Write code to automate dinosaur husbandry
  • System Mangle DEC VAXen & Alphas
  • Manage the Information Risk of a Big Six energy trading floor. This would never have happened in my day.
  • Be an Ubuntu Linux using member of WolvesLUG but still never had a job at Canonical (too niche?)
  • Be an Agile Business Analyst in a Scrum team (no, I KNOW there’s no such role but maybe there should be!)
  • Model (UML, the business)

I have spent the last year locked in a room, mostly writing a book ‘about’ meta-information (I think.)

As a consequence of the breakdown that caused, I designed the Birmingham Coracle:

(I fully expect it to be the hipster summer hit of 2015 but I was wrong once before.)
Therefore, you will occasionally find me down the Silicon Canal.

In real life I may appear quite sane. Don’t be fooled. That’s what he wants you to think.


Welcome to the community @woo, I’m very happy to have you here.

I wonder if you’d be interested in having you blog on Planet Birmingham?


I thought about that last night. I’m happy to but it’s all over the place, not a pure tech blog.

I seem to have been ranting about my general disrespect for politicians a lot recently but I’ve had more time on my hands. OK, I haven’t, it’s been procrastination and I don’t have a cat.

If you want to risk it, will redirect to, with the stealth of an angry badger.

We had this discussion, and decided that it was more about the individual involved in the tech scene, more so than the content they write.

Anyway, I’ve added you, and your posts should start to appear from tomorrow.

I decided to celebrate being awarded member status by admitting to having a face.

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