Hi, I'm Tim Wilson from Code Club

Hi all,

Jon recommended that I say a quick hello as I’ve posted a few events on here!

I’m Tim and I’m the Regional Coordinator for Code Club in the West Midlands. We’re a nationwide network of after school coding club for kids aged 9-11. We help volunteer programmers get into schools to run clubs that teach children to code. The clubs are free for children to attend and for schools to host.

Outside of Code Club, I’m a drummer in the bands Progoctopus and Under A Banner and do a variety of creative and digital stuff in my guise as and the run the local commmunity blog Coffee Birmingham.

It’s great to be on here - and be sure to add me on twitter @codeclubwmids and @timmy666 too - so hello and I look forward to chatting with you all further

Tim.enter link description here


Hi @timmy666 and welcome to the community :smile:

Is the coffee blog a hobby due to a passion for coffee? It looks a good guide and a useful resource. Someone here published a list of work spaces recently. They seem to link together well.

You haven’t reviewed the coffee that @bmi1854 supplies :smile:

[I was wrong(ish), it was WiFi access points: Free Birmingham WIFI Hotspot - Maps]

Hi Andy,

Thanks so much!

I’ve worked in coffee shops as a daily routine for many years and drinking it is a passion of mine! The blog was started well over three years ago when there wasn’t the ‘huge’ boom in coffee shops that there is now in Brum! It’s a good city to be a coffee drinker in! :smile:

Thanks so much for the link! That’s a good list >> I’ll tweet.

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