Hi, I'm Tajinder (Taj)

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Hi everyone,
I am Tajinder Singh (Taj - for short), thought to drop in a brief intro.
Software developer (Java mostly but mixing it up) by trade, currently with a TMC in town. Web services, AWS, Groovy, 3rd party integrations, are some of the tech I work with. Mobile development and UI is something that needs working on.

Not a gamer but am a movie geek, along with Alter Bridge and BFMV (absolute favs)
Live in city center, accessible mostly, except for when am not walking around peaks.

Who else is a total geek about how their IDE works? You'll love this
(Daniel Hollands) #2

Hi Taj, pleased to meet you. What sort of Java stuff do you do? I did a very small amount at University, but don’t remember any of it. I love Java’s concept of “write once, works everywhere”, but is it really that simple?

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@LimeBlast thanks mate. Use Java for Infrastructure and backend processing, leveraging Spring framework, AWS, XML manipulation amongst many things.
Java code gets translated to byte-code WORA (write once, run anywhere) needs a Java virtual machine(JVM) on the machine where you want to run it but still very close to the concept.

(Stuart Langridge) #4

What’s a TMC? Also, welcome. :slight_smile:

(Tajinder Singh) #5

@sil thanks mate, TMC - Travel Management Company :slight_smile: