Hi, I'm Smiffy and i'm an I.T. Techie

Ello, I’m an I.T. Techie with over 25 years I.T. experience :grinning:

Hey Paul

Good to have you here, welcome. Are you Brum based, or in the surrounding area?

Do let us know what sort of tech you play with, and what your role(s) are or have been - we have backend and frontend devs here, project managers and product owners, graphic designers, Scrummers - if that’s the right noun? - entrepreneurs and learners of all of the above. So, tell us more!

Hey @Smiffy, welcome to the community.

I am indeed Birmingham based and now a semi-retired I.T. Professional, my background is AIX (UNIX) & Intersystems Cache (DB)

I have no desire to take up a full-time I.T. position (but you never know, if the money is right :slight_smile: ) unless it’s that of a creative nature, i.e design

Ah, semi-retired, now there’s a luxury :smile: If I ever achieve that status I could work on my various start-up ideas until the cows came home.

Do you keep yourself entertained with any side projects, perhaps of a design nature?

Hello and welcome Smiffy :smile:

Hi, Jon, My hobbies keep me occupied for now, but you never know…

Hi Ben,

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