Hi, I'm Poppie (title must be at least 15 chars ok then)

Hi everyone - kept hearing people talk about but never joined for some reason. Then, when I decided to go looking for my own year in industry a friend recommended posting here, so here I am. Realised I rudely made that post without introducing myself, so here goes.

I’m currently in my third year (out of 4) studying Computer Science/Software Engineering at the Uni of Bham. I’m one of the organisers (alongside @jackweirdy) of BrumHack, the MLH student hackathon that takes place at the uni. Our next one is 12-13th March, if you’re a student that’d like to come or a company that’d like to sponsor, say hello!

Less tech related, I also sit on the board of trustees for a national youth charity, The British Youth Council, and I’m generally very interested in all things people, education and democracy.

Shout outs to @phazonoverload and @Jess for being wonderful humans too.


I love your weird little face, Poppie. If you’re not off doing fancy young people things tonight, come drink wine with Florence and I

Welcome to the community, @poppie - we’re very happy to have you here.

Hi! Are you a native Brummie or a visitor to our fair city (like me)?

Welcome, @poppie. Great place with wise advices in the career tech.

from Leicester originally but planning to stay here after graduation. Love Birmingham too much!

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“weird little face” you bully

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You love it. This post must be 20 chars. So I also call attention to your flappy hands.

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salamander ham hands are typing this to tell you to do one


with the utmost love and respect, totes

I actually smiled with pleasure today on the bus to work when I saw a bunch of schoolkids riding BMX bikes, pulling wheelies on the road and skidding them dangerously close to pedestrians, solely because I understood it. Every other youth trend just makes me feel ancient (and I’m not even 30 yet…).

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I think @jess sees me as 12 years old though…

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I tend to smile when they fall off

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did they have stunt pegs?

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