Hi, I'm Matt... uhm

I’m Head of Product & Engineering at Click Travel, and since I got here via the route of Product Owner and Business Analyst, I’m actually pretty far from the code these days. I’d have to go back about 15 years to find myself writing any C++. Mind you, a couple of weeks back one of our team got stuck on a sticky little scripting task and I somehow dredged up the ol’ grep regexp skills. No-one is as smug as a manager who can still remember some of their technical skills. ; )

So I wandered here in my search for engineers (we’re looking for 2 Java engineers right now, and will probably be looking for more) because I dislike agencies with a passion, but the ads I’ve put on LinkedIn and StackOverflow have just delivered a steady stream of chancers from all over the world. Phooey.

Any ideas on how to find good engineers in Birmingham (or the UK!) gratefully received.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting or browsing, frankly, but I’m definitely going to encourage the guys to sign-up if they haven’t already - our team is about 18 strong, including the QAs. : )



Welcome to the merry band, Matt! :smile:

Best of luck in finding new engine ears. Incidentally, your opinion of recruiters is popular here, but then we have a couple of recruiters lurking hereabout too - and they seem rather nice, which I thought was quite odd…

Hey @MattSteer, welcome to the party :tada:

As you may have seen, we have a #jobs category which you’re more than welcome to post a vacancy in (just pay mind to the rules). UPDATE: ah, I see you have.

Beyond this, I’m not much good with recruitment myself (never having been in the position of needing to hire anyone myself), but I share your dislike of recruiters, and have done my best to avoid them (going so far as to delete my LinkedIN account earlier this week).

Anyway, best of luck in your search, maybe we’ll bump into one another at an upcoming meet :slightly_smiling:

Welcome to the forum @MattSteer
@LimeBlast Matt and I work at the same place

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Welcome. I’d try that meets either in Brum or Wolverhampton but as it’s sponsored by Connect, you may have to fight them for the best people :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I feel welcome. : )

My experience as a candidate turned me off recruiters. I had come back from a 2 year career break (travel around the world, and a daft attempt to fix up a dilapidated house) and was having no luck being put forward for roles. One recruiter was honest enough to tell me why: recruiters are super-risk-averse, because clients are money, and the “worst” thing you can do is put forward a candidate that your client “might” think is a waste of their time. My career break was apparently a killer. And yet the first job I applied to that wasn’t being offered by an agency, I got invited to interview and got the role. This one. ; )


Hi Matt and welcome!

I would try to go to as many meetups as you can. I think Woo’s recommendation is the best one to start with. I know you are turned off by recruiters but @chatterleyp is one who is doing things a bit differently (in a good way imo) and may be worth chatting to.

Thansk @pads & @Woo - good recommendations. I’ll take a look.

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