Hi, I'm Matt, and I'm a programmer

Hello, everyone!
I’m Matt, and I’m a 16 year old programmer that lives near Birmingham.

My main interests are in full stack web development (HTML/CSS/JS with Node, usually), and rich media applications such as games. Recently I’ve also gained an interest in hardware and have been making projects with my arduino.

I’ve been a Young Rewired State Festival of Code attendee since 2012 and since then I’ve been in the semi finals, my latest one can be found here. It’s a realtime multiplayer game built by me and 2 friends with WebGL and websockets in under a week.

I volunteer as a mentor for Rebel Uncut’s Rebel Makers club, which is a monthly club for anyone interested in developing hardware & software projects.

I’m also looking for work experience, or small amounts of part-time work.

I’m a Windows person myself, but I prefer to do most of my development inside a Linux VM if possible.

If you’d like to know more about me or my projects, just let me know, I’m happy to share. I’m working on my website but it won’t be ready to go live for a while.


Welcome to the funhouse, Matt!

Welcome @Matt. I helped out at BCU for FoC this year. Something that amazed me was that I didn’t hear anyone express any preference for an OS for 3 days, until I asked what they were using. Everything was web. There were no issues until they started to prepare slides which moved from Google for web access to Windows for more features to OS X for better multi-media, before ‘getting webbed’ again. Interesting to me then that you call yourself “a Windows person”.

Hi, and welcome.

I used to be a Windows person, but just over a year ago I took the plunge and got myself a Macbook Pro, and I’ve not looked back since. This was just 6 months after spending a lot of money on a Dell XPS, so it wasn’t an easy (or cheap) decision to make, but I’m glad I made it (especially now that I’ve finally finished paying it off).

I still have the XPS, and right now it’s rocking a copy of Windows 10, but it doesn’t get any love.

But that’s just me, if you’re happy with Windows, good stuff :smile:

I feel stateless.

I’ve been thinking of writing a blog-post about how operating systems are so last century but I feel like a hi-fi buff/record collector trying to make the case for MP3s being perfectly good enough if you squint your ears a bit.

The Lisp stuff I’ve been reading has made me wonder where the highly concurrent operating systems went and now I’ve discovered that these cobbled together wheeled hover-boards are blowing up people’s houses. It’s all getting too DISAPPOINTING! :smile:

Often it’s not the compression that degrades audio file quality but the computer equipment that it is played through. When I switched to a DAC in my hifi system, I realised I’d been listening to all my music through mud.

Higher-end computers like Macs probably have quite good DACs and audio output connectors, but the cheapie ones (like my £150 netbook) are rubbish.

When I say stuff like this people look at me like I’ve spoken Welsh. It doesn’t stop me, but I am pleased to find someone else who says stuff like this. Possibly a whole community of them.

I’ve recently changed my tag line on something social to “metaphor mixologist” :slight_smile: I have friends who say they only understand half of what I say. I think they’re doing better than me.

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