Hi, I'm James Timbrell @jamestimbrell on Twitter

Hi, I’m James - lead web developer and architect at Co-operative Web based in Longbridge (although I live in Stourbridge).

My main stack is PHP (Yii Framework), MariaDB and Nginx with some added Node.js for good measure all mixed up and served on a bed of Vagrant and Puppet. (Yes I also like to cook).

I lead our PHP team and oversee the architecture of most of the systems we build. Technology-wise I also have plenty of experience in Microsoft platforms and a bit of Java now and again.

I’ve been to Canvasconf twice and a couple of other local dev events. Weirdly I’ve only just found out about

Hey, James, and welcome to the fun house :smile:

Stourbridge, eh? I moved from there to the city because I couldn’t face any more Lloyds, although I do keep meaning to come back and see the Moochers people…

Hi James, nice to meet you, I’m just down the road in Hagley waves!

Welcome to the community - very happy to have you here.

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