Hi I'm James, a web programmer

Hey everyone!

I’m James and I’m a web programmer from Redditch. I use PHP and Laravel mostly and love creating large-scale web applications with cloud hosting (horizontal scaling).

I hope this forum is a great place to chat with other like-minded developers :smile:


Hey, @Jamesking56! There was the first get-together of a new Laravel meetup last night, in fact, which you might be interested in :slight_smile:

Hey @Jamesking56, welcome to the community - how is life over in sunny Redditch?

As @sil mentioned, Birmingham has it’s very own Laravel group, we’d love to see you at the next one.

That’s what we’re here for :smiley:

Yeah I found this forum from that meetup page and I’ve signed up so I’ll be at the next one!

Hello and welcome James :slight_smile:

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