Hi, I'm Billy and I organise Meetups


My name is Billy. I’m 35 years old and live in Lincolnshire. I work for an AWS consulting partner company. We also specialise in OpenSource management.

So, as a result we put on a number of Meetup groups.

I am the organiser of:

Pleased to meet you guys.



Hey @Billy, and welcome :smile: - quite a lot going on there.

If I’m honest with you, AWS confuses the hell out of me - I’ll admit I’m probably not the target audience, as most of the stuff I need can be solved by spinning up a simple Digital Ocean or Bytemark VM - what would you recommend to anyone looking to learn and use AWS?

Hi @LimeBlast,

Thanks, and yeah, there really is a lot going on!

Amazon provide a great video, explaining what AWS does and how you can use it:

They do more videos and labs here:

Moreover, attending Meetups, such as mine, is a great way to find out, too.

Hope that helps.



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I should learn about this stuff too. I have on a couple of occasions been given access to an AWS panel for various companies, and I’m like @LimeBlast - didn’t really know where to start. I’ve been extremely suspicious of vendor lock-in too. Would much rather build on a VPS (cloud or otherwise) and be able to switch if necessary.

That reminds me, must learn me some Ansible or Chef…

/puts it on the to-do list.

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