Hi I'm Becky! SEO & Digital Manager

Hi guys, I’m Becky!

It’s a pleasure to introduce myself. I’m an SEO & Digital Manager from Cardiff currently living and working in the glorious Solihull. Generally, I’m a digital media enthusiast and love all aspects of marketing and social media in particular. Really looking forward to getting involved in the community and having a chat!

I also co-host the Digital Media Meetup, which is a monthly digital media event that goes agains the grain of traditional marketing, offering a more casual and informal approach. Every month we choose a different theme and gather 3 speakers who are experts in their fields to discuss different angles of the theme, then finish with a casual q&a before the opportunity to mingle.

More information on the group can be found here:

Will hopefully see you guys at a future event if something we discuss tickles your fancy!


Hey @Becky_Gillard, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I suck at marketing myself, so anything I could pick up via a meet would be handy, but will unfortunately be unable to attend your next meet as it clashes with another thing I’m going to. I’ll join the group though, and can hopefully come along to the next one.

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Hey @LimeBlast thanks for your nice message!

There seem to be lots of events on at the same date but hopefully there will be plenty of future events that you’ll find interesting and can pop along to!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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This sounds useful, indeed! I can’t be there tomorrow, but I have a bunch of clients who come to me for advice on marketing the stuff I’m building for them, and I point out that I am no marketer; knowing more about this (or having people to point to to give advice) would be handy…

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I’m more than happy to help where possible! :slight_smile: Hopefully we can see you at a meetup in the future!

Hi @Becky_Gillard. I’ve signed up to the Meetup group but I’m not sure about tomorrow yet. It’s always interesting to find out what people think “digital” means :slight_smile:

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Digital means so many different things - that’s why the theme changes every month! Hopefully one of our themes will be interesting for you :slight_smile:

In a move which will no doubt take this thread off topic, I’m discovering that “digital” (at least in relation to the Arduino) is a simple binary on or off, 1 or 0. This is different from the other type of input, analog, which is more about ranges.

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Indeed, or at least: a set of discreet steps without intermediate stages; like computers always have been in my life-time - digital computers as opposed to analogue electronic computers, which I’ve only ever seen in museums.

I don’t think it means that to marketing folks though. More like: ‘in the computer/network/cloud’ to any appropriate level of abstraction that isn’t a physical model, though physicists seem to think the universe may be made of information, probably digital. So not off-thread at all :smiley:


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