Hi, I am re-entering the market!

I am all getting ready to re-enter job market after a career break.Had been busy with home and children. I enjoy coding and testing. I don’t know what exactly to expect from the group, but share and gain every experience and learning.
I had worked as Software Trainer for 10 years, training in all technologies.
But I love OOPs technology. Java is my favourite. Now, I started my freecodecamp training and its going jolly good.
Also into Software Manual Testing. I am also a member at few online testing communities.
I think coding and testing together would be great.

I live in Birmingham.
Thank you.

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Hi @eshu. I read this a couple of days ago but I just noticed no-one has welcomed you. We’re normally more friendly than that. Quite a lot of day-to-day nonsense chat goes on in the related Slack channel now and just washes away in the rain but longer conversations still happen here occasionally.

Do you live in Birmingham?

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Hey @eshu, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

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Thank you.

I’ve been absent lately too! Welcome. Ask away. If there’s anything we can do to help you get back into things, we’ll do our best.

I’m currently recruiting folk with Java skills (doesn’t matter how rusty), but looking beyond. If Solihull is in your commuting range, please get in touch for a chat.


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@eshu Something I noted the first time then forgot to mention was that you test AND develop. A lot of devs don’t like testing, a lot of testers can’t code. I’d consider getting into automated testing.

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Thank you @Woo for your suggestion. Just to make myself clear, did you mean that I should concentrate both on coding and testing? I love the concept of tester having coding knowledge and understanding behind the screen coding.

Have a look at TDD, Test-Driven Development. It is code you write, to automate testing, before you write the code to be tested. I’m not an expert but there are free tools you could try. JUnit is the obvious one, developed by XP eXtreme Programming’s Kent Beck. The only 3 tests I ever wrote were in NUnit, the .Net equivalent.

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Hi there @eshu

I saw your message a few days ago, but I hesitated, because I wasn’t sure you’re in Birmingham or the West Midlands. I don’t know how strict we want to be here, but as we see it, part of the value of this community is in our geographical links.

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Thank you @Woo for your suggestion. Will surely do it.

Thank you @halfer for your message.Well, I live in Birmingham. If I am not mistaken, a simple hello should not be harmful…

If I am not mistaken, a simple hello should not be harmful…

@eshu, your remark (possibly inadvertently) implies you think I have been rude to you, which will cause you some discomfort if we meet up in real life. I apologise if my message seemed abrupt, it was not intentional.

My remark was in good faith - we get signups here from outside of the Midlands, and it is meant to be helpful to point it out. Woo asked you if you live in Birmingham earlier in the thread.

I did not think you are being rude. You had mentioned in your first message,
"but I hesitated, because I wasn’t sure you’re in Birmingham or the West Midlands. I don’t know how strict we want to be here, but as we see it, part of the value of this community is in our geographical links."
Seeing this I meant in general, that wherever we are from, we need not hesitate to say a “hello”. So, please, no hard feelings. Frankly, as @woo had mentioned in his first post, I felt sad when no one responded to my post. Now I feel good to be recognized.
I joined here to gain knowledge and get ideas and suggestions.
I am very much interested in coding and getting into job market seems bit tough. I would appreciate, if I can get suggestions to how to improve and how to showcase what I know and get a job.
More guidance I can get, sooner I can do something.

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@eshu The problems we’ve had in the past with people who have no connection to the area include that they want to spam, sell stuff or steal staff away to other cities, which is just rude. Everyone is welcome who wants to build a long-term tech community together. That includes Brummies who live elsewhere and people from overseas who have made the area their home. We all take an occasional turn at policing our online home, to keep it a nice, inclusive place to be.

Do you live close enough to go to any Meetups? That’s a good way to meet people. The calendar is usually quite busy.


Thank you @Woo, i live in Kings Heath. It would be great if there is a meet up regarding coding around this area, especially at day time or on weekends. Evening would not be possible.

It would be errant of me not to mention the west midlands java user group at this point - we are a friendly, local group which meets once every two months, alternating between venues in birmingham city centre and birmingham international.

You can find us on meetup, twitter and the web. We try to advertise our meetups here. You are welcome to join us.

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I’ve just thought of another option but it may depend on the age of your children - take them along. Once per month there is Rebel Makers in the Jewellery Quarter. I’ve only been once but the age range was about 6 - 60.

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I just saw this offer of 1 month of free training in testing on LinkedIn, towards a certification I haven’t heard of

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Thank you very much.

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