Heyya, I'm an A-level student looking for computing related Work Experience :D

I’ve just completed my first year of A-levels in the following subjects: Computer Science, Maths, Biology, Psychology and Global Perspectives. I also obtained a Crest award in an Engineering project I recently took part in. I’m coming to the point where I need to put together my personal statement for university where I have decided I want to continue studying Computer Science, however I was hoping to gain some experience of what I will be doing on a day to day basis if I were to pursue it as a career (which I intend to do so), and find out more about what possible paths I could take.

I’m currently taking part in Young Rewired State and had the amazing opportunity to expand my knowledge from Python and VB to Java and using Android Studio; as well as many more languages and software that could make my program significantly better. I hope to continue learning with any opportunity!

Thank You :smiley:

Hey @NatUppal, welcome to the community, we’re very happy to have you here.

I don’t know what a Crest award is, but it sounds like a great achievement, maybe you’d like to tell us a bit more about this, and maybe describe the project you worked on?

Do you have any idea which university you want to go to? If Worcester is in that list at all, say Hi to Sue Barnes and John Price from me :smile:

I’d also be interested in hearing about YRS from a student’s point of view, what has the experience of it been like for you?

I’ve visited Southampton and Birmingham so far but sure thing :smiley:
It’s been a brilliant experience I have learnt so much and I’m glad there is such a thing like it because you meet so many different people with different knowledge and perspectives that can really help when developing a program! It’s definitely a fun way to learn and you’ll see me doing it next year for sure!

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@NatUppal Did you hear me one morning worrying Liza that the git hub had become corrupted? When I finally got Wi-Fi on my netbook, I discovered I’d cloned it wrong, so…

Sorry we lost you on the way out of the hall. There was a big tearful farewell by the registration desk. In my defence, I hadn’t had much sleep all week :slight_smile:

Maybe you should tell everyone here what you did last week and what your part in it was, so they know your level. Small companies need someone who doesn’t need too much supervision. What A Levels are you taking?

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