Hey, I'm Mitch and I'm a web developer

I’m from Kingswinford and currently living in Telford (Why does not exist yet?!).

Unfortunately I am not cool enough to be in the Birmingham club but I thought I’d sign up and say hi anyway.

I do front and backend web development and work mostly with PHP (Laravel), Javascript and Ruby. I really enjoy trying out new languages, frameworks and libraries.

I also post blogs semi-regularly at if anyone’s interested :smile:

Hey @Mitch, welcome to the community.

You’re not alone in being a Telfordian (what do you call a collection of people from Telford?) as I think @skinofstars hails from that part of the world, and @Twisted lives in Wellington. So you’re more than welcome.

If you’re interested, you should submit this to Planet Birmingham.

Thanks @LimeBlast!

That’s good to hear. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to refer to people from Telford either.

Thanks for the link, I’ll submit it soon.

Hey Mitch. I’m not actually from Telford, I just worked there for 9 months while living in Shrewsbury. Then I came to Brum, as that’s what all the cool kids do :wink:

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Hi Mitch!

Had a little look at your blog, nice work. :slight_smile:

@skinofstars damn I guess I am the Telfordian after all :frowning:

@mdouglasbrett thanks :smile:

I lived near kingswinford for most of my childhood. Represent!

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