Hey - I'm Adam. Founder based in the Custard Factory

Hi all,

a quick intro to myself. I run a start up called Expert Trades where we help trades professionals manage and grow their business.

I started it over 2 years ago. For the first 12 months outsourced the dev to an agency in Sheffield. That got very expensive and the output was not not great. After months of searching found a truly awesome CTO who is full time and the only dev in our team (we are currently hiring BTW).

We are based in the Custard Factory and have 7 awesome people in our team.

We are currently searching for developers that want to be involved in a start up from the early days as we now push into a SaaS offering to members.

I want to get involved with the fast growing start up scene in Brum and help where I can, meet some cool people and grow the business.


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Hey, Adam. Welcome to the forum. You may want to drop by the Silicon Canal meetup on Thursday (as well as hanging out here on the forum), where there’ll be a bunch of people to chat to!

Hey stuart - sounds like a plan.

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