Hey I am Antonio - new here

Hi I am Antonio, I am a new poster, entrepreneur and I like to help. I am very passionate about growing young entrepreneurship and the Birmingham business community. So anything I can do to help please just ask.

Welcome @Bisc!

Are you a coder, or more interested in the business side of tech? Are you working on anything at the moment? :smile:

Hey @Bisc, welcome to the community. Maybe you would like to tell us some more about your entrepreneurial projects?

Hello Jon,

Thank you.
We have launched a virtual business card app called BISC . I am interested in both the business side and tech side. Have a look at the app and let me know what you think?

I guess that would be this? Coolio, will take a look tomorrow - about to hit the hay!

Minor spelling issues on the site:

  • anytime -> any time
  • contacs - > contacts

OK, a bit of feedback. I don’t use business cards (though to be fair I’ve been thinking of getting some) so perhaps you can take this with a pinch of salt. It looks interesting, but the website isn’t clear how the system works - do two people who would normally exchange cards both need the app installed?

That might be difficult - one user asks another user if they have Bisc, and the answer is no, and so a card needs to be exchanged anyway. People are usually wary about installing a new app, and will only do so if they see overwhelming advantages, and trust the brand of the app they’re installing. I don’t know if a user would install it whilst they are networking, to accommodate another party. The justification offered is that people often forget their business cards - is this a common problem? I wonder if it needs validating somewhat.

So, I think the website could do with more information. Can the user photograph their existing business cards? I think I have heard of an app that does that - and it might even have OCR so the details are stored in a searchable format. I don’t know if I am imagining it that I’ve heard of such an app before?

Do you have a blog on your app site? Sometimes Twitter will do, but I think a blog can lift a static brochure and show there is a history of recent activity.

That’s my thoughts - don’t let it put you off, hope it helps your continual improvement!

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Hello Jon,

Thanks for your feedback. Is very valid. We are working on a new website which will explain everything much clearer and they are quite a few other technological solution build into the app which had most of our attention lately. Your points are all valid and we are in the process of making sure the user experience is A*. I will keep you updated about the progress. For now feel free to download the app and invite your closest business contacts on it, so that you have their cards by simply clicking on the invite button on the app.

Let me know if you have any difficulties using it.


What’s your minimum Android version? I fear I will not be able to try it - mine’s an antique!

I need to double check with technical but think it’s 16.

Heh, I had to decode that. I use the 2.x or 4.x notation, and yes, I can’t install this. Do ping this thread with the new website, though!

The problem of digital business cards has been going a long time, it’s a really hard one to crack and many people have tried and failed at this. I remember talking to a people who had a funded startup doing this in 2008 with buzz and everything and he still got nowhere.

I think the key problem is that you’ll need pretty heavy network effects for this to work (from my understanding of your app) and basically everyone still uses printed cards. To me, in the short to medium term the only solution that might be useful is one that takes pictures of cards, possibly with OCR.

Haystack looks like an interesting approach and what I think has some chance of working - this techcrunch article mentions some of the failed attempts. [You might notice a link to onepage in there, which was Joel’s attempt at this before doing Buffer]

Personally, when I meet someone I just get their Twitter handle and follow them, that’s better than a business card for me.

Thanks @rythie I know the article kinda looked in to all the failure and we also understand that it’s not an easy one to crack as download does not mean much with this app. But we believe we have identified a way to make it scale so we are working on it. Unfortunately I am not able to say much but I will post updates when ready.

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