Heroku are adding limits to their free tier

(Daniel Hollands) #1

If anyone is using Heroku’s free tier for hosting of their project (rather than using it for staging and/or testing) they’ll find their apps being limited to 12 hours of activity per day:


I know a few people here are using Heroku’s free tier as a permanent hosting solution, so they’re either going to have to pay $7 a month for the Hobby tier, or find some alternative hosting.

(Stuart Langridge) #2

Goldarnit. That’s really annoying.

(Richard Cunningham) #3

We used Heroku’s free tier for http://leamgeeks.com, it was slow because of the delay spinning up the instance (it doesn’t get a lot of traffic). Now it’s on Github pages.

(Max Woolf) #4

$7 for a hobby tier is perfectly reasonable. I know it’ll annoy a lot of people since it’s free now but $7 is only $2 more than DigitalOcean’s cheapest tier and it has considerably more than $2 of added value in terms of the work you don’t have to do for setting up a server.

(Daniel Hollands) #5

On the way to work this morning I was wondering - is this a deliberate bait and switch? Or are they genuinely just trying to stop their infrastructure from collapsing under the pressure?

TBH, I don’t think it is a bait and switch, but who knows. Maybe it’s a bit like selling drugs - the first hit is free, but you’ve got to pay for the rest.

(Max Woolf) #6

This has been on the cards since Salesforce took over. My money is on some sales exec thought “Why on earth are we supporting a huge chunk of the developer eco system for free? They need to pay up or get out.”

I would assume (I hope!) that their infrastructure is solid. That is, after all, their USP.

Heroku (Salesforce) lose nothing out of this. People who are unwilling to pay for their service leave (no big deal) and they make a bit more money out of those who are willing to pay.

That said, they lose a lot of goodwill from the developer community.