Hello! Tom here


My names Tom and I’m in Telford! Hopefully close enough to count :wink:

Not been in an IT for a few years but just moved position in the firm I work for. I have been working developing a Ruby web based app in my spare time though!

Due to the job change I now have more hours in the day, so hopefully will be able to get to some of the meetups, etc. (I did make it to a WMRUG meet once!)


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I reckon so! Welcome to the group.

@LimeBlast is a Ruby person (and benevolent dictator here too, so you’re safe :relaxed:).

Do they still let you use objects in Ruby-land, or is it going the way of JavaScript, where Objects Are Definitely Evil? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Tom, we’ve discussed before whether the Birmingham variable is a place or a set of values. I doubt we reached any conclusion that would exclude anyone this side of the Welsh border.

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That sounds a conversation worth having but I don’t want to hijack Tom’s intro thread.

Heh @Woo, I think that’s the fun of intro threads :smile:

Edit: linked thread is here.

I’m currently reading ‘Everything is Miscellaneous’ but some people don’t believe in intertwingling and I like to look like I respect their point of view. I started a new thread.

Ooh, is that a mountain bike in your avatar, Tom? I just bought a Scott E-Genius MTB with full suspension, and it is heaps of fun! I am planning to get some tuition at some point, so I start riding it properly :grin:

It is indeed a mountain bike. Photo was taken a few years ago up Hay Bluff. I mainly just ride a hard tail, but I have been considering a full sus to make the downhill rides a bit smoother.

As for objects, I’m probably a bit out of touch there - wasn’t aware they were evil, but I’ve only been playing around doing development for the last couple of years. Back at it full time now. Whether that will turn out to be a good thing I’m still undecided :laughing:

Welcome to the funhouse! Enjoy your stay. :wink:

I do recommend it. It’s not just that your ride will be smoother, but with your wheels spending more time connected to the ground, you’ll get more control too. There’s also some kinds of landing that really are too much force to apply directly to a frame without something bouncy to absorb the energy.

Full disclosure - I cheat and add a motor too, which is even more fun!

I think I’ve just spent so many years riding with a hard tail that I’m used to it now. I do run wide tyres, with a slightly lower pressure so that would absorb some of the shock. I also find a very rarely sit down on the bike, unless I’m doing something on tarmac - usually drop the seat out the way. That way my legs can help absorb some of the landings.

I ride out more often with people who have full suspension bikes, which is what’s making me consider it now.

Hey Tom, welcome to the community.

Where do you work, and what’s this killer ruby app of yours? You might be interested in popping along to WMRUG at some point:

Our next meet is tomorrow (although I probably won’t be there myself)

Hi @LimeBlast

I work for a firm in Oswestry, who supply equipment to vehicle workshops. Due to a change in work I’ve been brought indoors to do all the in house IT - mainly web dev/back end admin systems/etc.
The app is a web based app for managing customers/employees and planning jobs. It’s aimed at companies with customers at different locations, and allows for mapping/visualising job locations.
For example, we have customers with equipment all over the UK. Our tracked vehicles can appear on this system and engineers can pick jobs near where they are, as well as being assigned jobs.

I did manage to go to one of WMRUGs meets, it was a while ago now though - some time last year.

Tomorrows not good for me - cycling up the wrekin tomorrow night, otherwise I’d be tempted :slight_smile:

I had a friend that lived in Wellington - been up the Wrekin a few times - never cycled it however - walking it was enough to kill me last time.

Coming down some of the side tracks more than makes up for the ride up!

Does this mean you literally went round the Wrekin?


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