Hello Microsoft, my old friend

(Daniel Hollands) #1

After around 3 years of being a non-microsoft user (first switching to Ubuntu, then ultimately ending up with a Mac), I’ve finally jumped back into bed with Microsoft and purchased myself a Surface Pro.

I’ve been looking at the surface for a few years now, and as I’ll soon have a new Macbook supplied by work, with my tired old Nexus 9 being was on its last legs, I figured I could sell my old Macbook to pay for the Surface. This combined with a generous boxing day deal on Amazon sealed the deal.

I’ve gone for the m3, which included the typecover, but not the pen. I’d like to try the pen, but I’m not convinced that I’d use it very often. Equally, I’d have loved to get the i5 (I’ve heard it’s the sweet spot for performance and convenience), but seeing as I’ll probably just use it for reading ebooks and surfing the web, I couldn’t justify the additional cost.

I’ve not had the chance to play with it much yet, but as time goes on I’ll try remember to come and post updates - in the meantime, does anyone else have a Surface?

How do you manage your ebooks?