Hello IO - my names Ant

… and I’m a consultant.

Glad I got that off my chest.

It’s not always been the case though. I was a software developer once upon a time in a world of VB6 and ASP. I even got a degree and wrote in C++, Prolog and a crazy AI language called POP11 - but all that’s in the past.

These days I do a bunch of project and product management, help orgs to choose the right projects and deliver them with less waste. I’m totally sold on lean and agile approaches and wonder why it took me so long to convert.

I work in the Jewellery Quarter where I run Magic Milestones with my business partner, Steph Chamberlain. I’ve headed up Dev and Data Teams for the Co-op, helped launch an Energy Company and worked for the biggest NGO in the world at the International Co-operative Alliance.

I live in Shirley with my wife Elaine and our 10 month old boy, Jesse - who will eventually, after much persuasion and bribery, support Wolves (my home town football club).

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Welcome to the community :smiley:

We’ve had a fair chunk of discussion about these things in the community. They’re areas in which I’m very keen on getting some experience, but so far (with the exception of my own bastardised approach) have failed to do so.

Welcome to Brum IO, Ant!

Welcome to Brum.IO Ant :smile:

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