Hello, I'm Matthew - a freelance mobile developer


Just a quick hello to everyone (I’ve already posted about accountants so you can tell I’m new at this). I’ve been freelancing/contracting (which is the correct word?) since September after the agency I worked as Head of Mobile went under in August.

I offer native mobile development (iOS Objective-C/Swift and Android Java). Additionally I’m a big Xamarin fan and have worked on a couple of Xamarin.iOS/Xamarin.Android projects in the past 12 months. As well as development I will be offering more general mobile consultancy services such as specification writing, help with mobile strategy, taking over existing apps, project discovery phase, etc.

I live a couple of miles from the centre of Birmingham and prefer to work onsite with clients (I’ve got a toddler at home most of the day which doesn’t make for the most focused working environment!)

I’m currently booked until February, but if anyone has any exciting projects starting mid Q1 get in touch.

I’ve got a work-in-progress website at

This seems like a great community and hope to find the time to start exploring and join in where possible.


Welcome to the party, Matthew :smile:

Welcome to the community.

How did you find the transition into freelance? It’s something I’m interested in myself, but the right opportunity to do so hasn’t presented itself yet.

Hi Matthew. I used to use ‘freelancer’ and ‘contractor’ interchangeably but in this community people seem to prefer freelancer for people with multiple concurrent clients. As I was doing ‘sysadmin’, that was never an option. Those are the people Inland Revenue don’t hate.

I used to feel bad saying I didn’t want to work at home because my children were on school holiday. I feel your pain :smile:

I’ve tended to use this distinction too, with the additional clarification that freelancers tend to work offsite, and contractors tend to work onsite. I heard recently that working remotely occasionally is sometimes offered to contractors in order to show they are not exclusively committed to one business, though I don’t know if that would make much of a difference to the Revenue assessment of their situation :wink:

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