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I’m Iain, and I’m an engineer working for an investor/incubator as a mentor. My background is electronics and software, having spent 10 years in researching and developing novel (neural nets, genetic algorithms, etc.) industrial process monitoring and control software, and then 10 years developing front-line kit for our defence forces, as well as other harsh environment markets such as oil & gas and mining. It’s been an interesting journey, for sure, as I’ve worked in start-ups, SMEs and blue chip corporations. My hobbies are photography and motorbikes, but that’s a whole other topic!

I’ve been living in Shropshire for a few years, and last year I started working for Reply SpA, to help them set up an incubator for entrepreneurs developing Internet of Things solutions, called Breed Reply. So far we’ve invested over £4.5m in seed funding for 6 start-ups, doing things like wearables, smart home systems, industrial comms systems, and energy analysis. My role is to support the founders of the companies we work with, especially their technical lead, in building their product, their team, and their working practices. My colleagues do likewise, in areas such as business strategy, sales & marketing, manufacturing & logistics, etc.

We’re always on the look out for IoT start-ups that need support, so you’ll find me at Tech Wednesday most months. (Let me know where else I ought to be lurking as well!) Whilst our UK office is in London, we’re well aware that there’s a thriving tech scene in the Midlands, so we’re not just looking in Shoreditch for the next big thing. If you’re just starting out with a great idea and are weighing up your options, I’m always available for a conversation to see if we’re a good match for you.

Cheers, Iain


Welcome to the forum, Iain! I suspect there are a few people with ideas who might talk to you about things :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community, @iswoolley.

I keep hearing all these rumbling about the internet of things being the future of the industry, but I’m not surely sure I know exactly what that means.

I’m slowly developing an interest in home automation, and got my first pair of Sonos speakers this weekend (along with a few other connected devices such as my Fenix 3, and even some connected scales), but right now I’m lacking any clear way to bring all these things together.

Not quite IoT, but I’m also working on a game which uses geolocation.

Connect up your speakers so that they only work if your scales have registered a weight loss that week.

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Hi Stuart and Daniel, thanks for the welcome.

Reply believes that the IoT is definitely the future, and oft cited researchers such as Gartner periodically publish their guesses as to how many IoT systems and how large the market is likely to be in a few years time. For sure IoT still has to navigate through the trough of disillusionment, but the challenge will be the disruption to business models as well as technical issues around connectivity, interoperability and privacy. As a business how do you monetise the ‘actionable insights’ (and other clichés) that ubiquitous connectivity and big data can bring? And as a consumer how do you value, and therefore feel about paying for, a whole load of functionality that just happens in the background? It is a fascinating area to be involved in, and the opportunities in a few years’ time for companies that get into IoT now are enormous.

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This’ll work until muscle mass starts taking over!

Pavlov’s geeks. 19, 20

Remembering the conversations I heard last time I was in a Shoreditch coffee shop, probably a very wise decision :smile:

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